Health care and reproductive rights are crucial issues for women. Indeed, almostthe_election_and_reproductive_rights half a century ago the U.S. Supreme Court recognized nationwide abortion rights. But because of restrictive  judicial decisions, violence against doctors and patients, and shortage of abortion providers, reproductive health services are still out of reach for many U.S. women, particularly poor women.

Hundreds of laws and policies, i.e., un-necessary vaginal ultrasounds, waiting periods, late-term bans for deceptively-named “partial-birth”abortions, personhood legislation, employer-based denial of contraceptive insurance coverage and bogus clinic restrictions are in place across the U.S. And there are relentless attempts to criminalize all abortion and to imprison health care providers.

In a particularly destructive policy, the U.S. actually defunds family planning worldwide whenever a conservative president is elected. Yes, we actively prevent family planning in the midst of a global population crisis.

Active attempts are underway to make contraception illegal, as well as abortion. Extremist right-wing activists and elected officials are working to close family planning clinics and stage false investigations and allege spurious claims against clinics to threaten the denial of funding of family planning facilities which most poor women depend upon.

 Indeed, numerous countries around the world protect the fetus at the risk to health and life of the woman. Women have died because of laws which outlaw abortion; others have suffered grave injuries to their health when denied access to abortion. Worldwide, in country after country, women’s reproductive health care decisions are dictated by governments and far-right, extremist views. Lois brings these women’s lives to you, for you to hear, for you to stand in their shoes, and incites you to advocate and advance reproductive choice for all women and girls. In Lois’ “It’s Her Body! It’s Her Life! It’s Her Choice! Speaker Series” Lois will inspire you to stand tall and speak out for reproductive health care rights for all women and girls!

Lois explains the U.S. Supreme Court case Burwell v Hobby Lobby which grants for-profit companies with religious objections exclusion from the Affordable Care Act’s mandated insurance coverage of contraceptives. Lois educates audiences on women’s historic battle for reproductive choice and what can be done to preserve it.