Global climate change is the most important issue of our day. ANTHROPOGENIC CLIMATE CHANGE is change to the climate caused or produced by humans. It refers to the production of greenhouse gases which are emitted by human activity. Our dependence and Global-Warming-2nearly sole focus on fossil fuels as main energy source has had catastrophic effects on our weather, causing near irreversible damage to our planetary health. Today’s land and ocean surface  temperatures are rising due to high concentrations of greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide. Solid evidence shows that most of the past fifty years’ warming is the result of human activity.

Extreme weather plagues countries around the globe via hurricanes, record heat, typhoons, drought, fires, floods, impaired food production, disease, lost ecosystems, and rising sea levels. Even the everyday person on the street recognizes that weather is not the same. Mountain glaciers are melting at an alarming rate; and our very survival depends on the willingness of today’s government leaders to adopt earth-friendly ways to operate.

Climate change challenges our economy and survival. Ironically, the countries that have produced the least greenhouse gases are suffering the most from global warming: a new form of ecological injustice. In fact, climate change will continue to slow economic growth worldwide and impair food production and supply.


Lois speaks of the scientific evidence and the need for cleaner, carbon-free energy alternatives and governmental commitments to reducing emissions. Lois explains the ever-so-urgent issue of sustainable energy efficiency and renewable energy generation and the importance of the Going Green Movement.