We live in an ocean of seventy-five thousand untested human-made chemicals, with each of us carrying over two hundred fifty lifetime-accumulated toxins from food, water, air, and physical possessions. The proliferation of chemicals worldwide has poisoned and killed humans, wildlife and ecosystems. Human Guinea Pig

Transnational corporations co-opt the sovereignty of individual nations through international treaties, laws and networks which work to suppress the human right to live in a toxin-free home, work and community environment.

Chemicals like DDT, PCBs, PBB, dioxin, furans, mercury, and  bisphenol-A travel up the food chain to contaminate breast milk and newborn babies, weakening immune systems, shortening life spans and impeding quality of lives. Many probable and suspected carcinogens are allowed full use by the United States Federal Environmental Protection Agency, which establishes minimum “safe” exposure levels that may be safe for one person and deadly for another.

New research on endocrine-disrupting and other chemicals shows that even infinitesimal doses disrupt fetal development of humans and other species. The result is an epidemic level of diseases and disorders worldwide. And indeed, breastfeeding has become toxic to infants. We live in a world where we all know someone who has endured the pain of cancer, endometriosis, a brain tumor, childhood leukemia, childhood cancer, hormone-related cancers, autoimmunity, learning disabilities, attention deficit disorder, autism and many more illnesses. The spread of such conditions has paralleled the proliferation of chemicals.

Not enough is being done to combat these risks. Educating our young is crucial to instill in them the awareness needed for informed, safe choices. And by educating adults to make safer choices for their families, we further decrease toxic exposure. We must cultivate a generation dedicated to ridding our world of these chemicals and to finding safe alternatives.

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Lois discusses the myriad of ways humans are exposed to chemicals that bio-accumulate to dangerous levels and the harmful role chemicals play. Lois shares the hope that the awakening of human awareness will give birth to a movement for alternatives to this toxic legacy. Lois believes that this is one of the greatest human rights issues of our new millennium: the right to be free from exposure to toxic substances. Lois describes this toxic legacy  on the worldwide stage where she speaks at universities and other venues on the risks posed by chemicals in our food supply, water and air which permeate our home and work environments.