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Lois is one of the most compelling, dynamic and informative speakers I have ever had the pleasure to hear. She informs and inspires an audience to become involved with women’s human rights issues. In her “Global Conversation About the Lives of Women and Girls in Kenya” and micro credit finance, one finds himself compelled to join in the mission to empower others. If you want a public speaker who will keep you absorbed and wanting more, bring Lois to your event to light your fire!

David Cardall, Kinston, NY Branch Member, U.S.A.
American Association of University Women


Lois is not only a very capable attorney. She is a leading advocate for women’s human rights and environmental health both domestically and internationally! She has lectured in Europe, Africa, Russia and the United States. I had the pleasure of nominating Lois for the Saratoga County Bar Association 2013 Liberty Bell Award for her women’s business empowerment program in Kenya. Lois spoke at this award luncheon about her Kenyan program to the excited attention of members of the Judiciary, community attorneys, and law students. I strongly encourage you to reserve Lois for your next speaking event!

Paul Pelagalli, Esq.
Ballston Spa, New York


Its not an easy matter to advocate for the civil rights of women, and even harder to present complicated topics to hundreds of people without losing them in the details. Whether at large political rallies, public hearings or organizational and business conferences, Lois’ exquisitely prepared speeches always left her listeners charged up, better informed and engaged!

Jaralyn Finn,  Owner
Finesse Dressage


Lois Shapiro-Canter has spent the major part of her adult life as a dedicated advocate for women and social justice issues. Her depth of experience, compassion, and legal background — combined with a spontaneous connection with her audience — render her a uniquely gifted speaker.

Pam Martens, Editor
Wall Street On Parade


Based on my 51 years of being a public speaker across the U.S. and appearing on national broadcasts, I can tell you firsthand that Lois Shapiro Canter, Esq. is one of the most intelligent, informative and compelling speakers I have ever heard. She has done it all! She has been a national leader in women’s health issues not only in the U.S., but she has done a great deal for human rights overseas, including Kenya. Lois is not only well-informed about the prolific topics she addresses, but she is an attorney who delivers her remarks with critical thinking, coupled with a keen sense of humor. Invite her to speak and you will be happy that you did!

Bill Baird, Founder and President
Pro-Choice League, U.S.A.


Ms. Shapiro Canter is a dynamic and informed person who knows her subject well, presents material that is strongly supported by research and who interacts with her audience with ease, confidence and humor.  Her presentation at the “Get the Lead Out”  symposium  in Rensselaer, New York  on the health-related impacts of lead exposure is one clear example of her talent. Lois shows passion and commitment in everything she says and does, and has a vision that one finds in few public speakers.

David O. Carpenter, M.D., Director
Institute for Health and the Environment University at Albany Rensselaer, New York


I have heard Lois Shapiro Canter, Esq. speak on environmental issues as well as participate in panel discussions. She is an engaging and knowledgeable speaker, both compassionate and passionate in her desire to empower women in Kenya and worldwide to reach their full potential and to address human rights issues among women. Ms. Shapiro Canter has a tremendous gift for making complex political and scientific issues fascinating and comprehensible for her audiences.” 

T.J. Grace


Lois is a gifted and insightful speaker who compels audiences to get involved in public advocacy on behalf of reproductive rights and environmental health issues. I have heard Lois speak in several different venues over twenty years on a far ranging list of topics: including,  chemicals and the connection to illness, reproductive health care, genetically engineered food and gender and multi-cultural equity education. Lois inspires audiences as she chronicles the history and contributions of women and men who have made great sacrifices to secure contraception and abortion access. Lois is a dynamic and visionary  speaker who will excite your listeners to get involved in whatever issue she addresses.

Janice Burns, President
Saratoga County Chapter National Organization for Women-New York State, Inc.


Proceeds Donated

Of the proceeds from all speaking engagements will be donated to the international women’s human rights nongovernmental organization Saratoga Foundation for Women WorldWide, Inc.


A dynamic and innovative thinker, Shapiro Canter speaks on a wide variety of topics. She runs the gamut from reproductive rights to environmental issues, genetically engineered food (genetically modified organisms –gmos),nvironmental health and the connection between chemicals and illness, micro-credit finance, gender equality and multi-cultural education, global warming/climate change, rBGH in dairy foods, and the corporate take-over of our food supply. To these many issues, this fine attorney brings an activist and inspirational approach, along with a very practical, down-to-earth roadmap on how average world citizens can effect changes in their countries.

Of course, with her extensive experience as a National Organization for Women lobbyist and NOW-New York State President, Shapiro Canter has a comprehensive understanding of national and global issues, particularly with respect to their impact on women, children and families.

With a mind to understanding and applying lessons of the past, Lois continues to study history of the U.S. women’s movement. Indeed she tells many a fascinating stories about the successes and failures of courageous women in our country and around the world. She believes she is contributing to a new global history for human equality; and she has committed her life to crafting a future where all are truly equal.



“Lois’ presentation at  ‘SET THE WORLD ON FIRE: It’s Her Body!  It’s Her Life!  It’s Her Choice! Reproductive Rights’ lecture series presents an engaging, powerful message, which incites her audience to run out the door and fight for reproductive health choice for all women and men! What a brilliant performance!”

Bill Baird, Founder and President, Pro-Choice Action League, U.S.A.

Lois Shapiro Canter, J.D. can help your corporation become its very best by explaining how your employees can improve the company’s economic outlook through environmental health protection and community education. She is both passionate and knowledgeable, and encourages all listeners to become a part of the worldwide action network for positive change. If you are planning a special event and would like to discuss having Lois speak on your special occasion call us at 518-577-3434.

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Saratoga Foundation for Women WorldWide, Inc.  www.saratogafoundation.org.

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